At The Sneaker Nest, we indulge in trading premium sneakers by first purchasing used pairs from people at 15-20% of current market price.

These pairs then go through extensive restoration to get back their original glory before we put them back in the market for sale at around 60% of current market price.

As per third party research, Indians discard about 2 Billion pairs of footwear each year, 50% of which end up as waste, sharply raising the carbon footprint as they take 50 years on average to decompose. Through our approach we aim to encourage the sustainable practice of reuse by generating economic value for both sellers and buyers, thus making the industry environment friendly.

Moreover due to lack of established direct supply chains and high import duties, the availability of premium sneakers in the country is a challenge. The available pairs are sold at a much inflated price. Herein through our model we aim to enhance circulation by 2x while sharply reducing prices due to us not being subject to any import duties or inflated pricing.

In our model we combat the black market, enhance availability and affordability while being environmentally sustainable in our operations. We keep transparency and authenticity as a key to our operations with most purchases verified through the “legit” app with multiple experts testifying to the product quality and authenticity.

Company Details


Trading (Footwear and Accessories)


Noida, India


Q3 2022



Gained 500 users in 30 days

Purchased 150 pairs of shoes from all over the country with most of the products prebooked for sale

Last Updated

March, 2023

Founding Team

Devansh Mittal

Chief Executive Officer

Yachika Sharma

Chief Marketing Officer

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