Industries burn fossil fuels in their production process by generating heat with conventional boilers in the form of steam, hot water or hot oil.

This heat generation is responsible for one third of the CO2 emissions worldwide, as a huge number of industries, such as the food industry, the textile industry or the washing industry, just to mention a few, burn pollutant fossil fuels to generate heat.
Many companies are looking for alternative solutions to generate heat with renewable energy, but the existing solutions are just not economically feasible; generating heat with renewable energy electricity (PV or wind) is expensive and thermodynamically speaking, inefficient. Green Hydrogen, which is conceived as the alternative to gas, is also expensive and still far from being a commercially viable solution.

Solatom produces renewable energy heat by concentrating solar energy with mirrors that track the sun. This energy is concentrated into a receiver – an isolated vacuum tube absorber – where steam, hot oil or hot air is produced. Thanks to this heat, Solatom not only manages to reduce the industry’s CO2 emissions, but it also manages to reduce the client’s energy bill. This reduction in price is possible thanks to its innovative design, a transportable and modular solution, which allows the solar energy to be converted directly into heat. Moreover, Solatom’s product allows to reach temperatures up to 400 ºC, thereby satisfying most industries heat demand.

Company Details


Renewable Energy


Valencia, Spain


Q3 2016




(1) Climate-KIC, (2) Repsol incubator, (3) Ship2B and (4) Katapult

Amount raised

1,005,000 €

Construct the first comercial solar plant for heat production on a rooftop

Construct solar plant for steam production for the Heineken factory in Valencia

Develop new storage system

Develop solar module for genereting steam for hydrogen production

Last Updated

March, 2023

Founding Team

Raul Villalba van Dijk

Director of finance and business development

Miguel Frasquet Herraiz


Juan Martinez Sanz


Carlo Terruzzi


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