Throughout our ten years of parenting experience, the best thing we have done was connect strongly with our kids, and one of the best tools we used to do that was games.

Based on this experience, we have founded Singa Games, where we deliver fun family moments through games, uniting everybody around the table. Our purpose is to build “healthier” families with parents (or the responsible adult) spending more quality time with children and kids connecting and bonding with everybody in the house.

Our games are developed and tested to deliver fun moments for adults and kids (not too dull for the grownups and not too hard for the little ones), and they are planned to be easy and fast to play so that they can be played at any time and almost everywhere. We just wanted to leave no excuses for the busiest adult not to “spare” ten to fifteen minutes with the kids.

For the kids, in our experience, we have seen many benefits:
– development of cognitive skills
– capacity to understand and follow rules
– increase of creativity
– strategic thinking
– interest in other offline games (board games, card games, puzzles)

Besides those benefits, we also have observed other developments that have amazed us:
– enhance empathy (reading other people and the environment)
– build resilience (learning that winning and losing is just part of the fun)
– less screen dependence

So, we are a company that builds and sales fun games to connect people around the table, building healthier relations in families and households.

Company Details


Games & Entertainment




Q3 2022




Amount raised

£ 5,000

Build a distribution capacity to scale our sales (2nd Quarter 2023)

Finish our 3rd and 4th games to support our sales target

Last Updated

May, 2024

Founding Team

Paulo Kaneta

Founder and Managing Director

Naia Hamasaki

Founder Product Director

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