Privacy Optimization helps organizations navigate the complex landscape of privacy regulations.

Privacy and data protection is increasingly important as many companies and organizations around the globe are experiencing a rise in cyber security incidents, privacy breaches, data theft and intellectual property theft. Personal data breaches can put your stakeholders at risk and tarnish your company‘s reputation. Privacy Optimization helps organizations safeguard their reputation by providing Privacy Audit, Privacy Consulting and complex processes optimization: Data Breach Management Tool.
Data Breach Management Tool (DBMT) is our flagship product. It is a software dedicated to helping organizations analyse personal data incidents, assess their risks and timely report personal data breaches to the appropriate data protection authorities. It is an innovative cloud-based or on-premises solution for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance that helps organizations quickly manage privacy breaches, thereby reducing the risk of massive regulatory penalties. It is a pioneer privacy breach response tool designed to fully assist and automate the critical processes that Data Protection Officers and privacy teams must put in place to properly respond to personal data incidents. Businesses that fail to correctly manage these complex processes risk millions of Euros in fines. The good news is that with the proper tools, companies can manage the process of reporting data privacy breaches and mitigate the risk of large penalties. Properly reported data breaches do not always incur a fine, and when they do, the penalties can be much lower than those given to companies who failed to accurately report incidents in accordance with the GDPR requirements. DBMT provides a single platform where privacy teams can log, store, and manage any privacy incident. Its adoption may save businesses and their insurers millions of Euros every year.

Company Details


RegTech/LegalTech: Privacy (GDPR)


Warsaw, Poland


Q4 2020




Scale Up – AccelUp Accelpoint - Startup PFR (Warsaw, Poland), Energia Venture (University of New Brunswick, Canada), AccelPoint, MIT CEE (Warsaw, Poland), ReaktorX (Warsaw, Poland), Design Terminal (Budapest, Hungary)

Amount raised


Q2 2021, awarded EU grant to run a PoC with Santander Bank Poland

Q4 2021, awarded grant from the Energia Venture program from the University of New Brunswick in Canada to develop the business

Q1 2022, first large international client from London (PE fund with more than USD 140 billion AuM).

Q4 2022, second large international client from Saudi Arabia (Fintech firm).

Last Updated

March, 2023

Founding Team

Simone Dalle Nogare

Founder and CFO

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