Meta Lordz is a web3 MMORPG game launching in Q1 2023 - and we're now part of the Amazon/AWS accelerator

Our mission is to bring millions of web2 gamers on a fun & low-friction journey to web3.
Many web3 games have focused purely on DeFi elements – often generating tiny amounts of revenue for users who are not truly engaged in the gameplay experience, and rapidly churn when market conditions move against them. This isn’t the way to bring the mass market of gamers (a $300bn industry!) to web3.
We’re different – we’re focused on the gameplay first. We’ve already built a fun, engaging PvP battle arena game, and had hundreds of e-sports pros, global gaming guilds & communities, and VCs play the game as we’ve tweaked it to perfection.
What we’re building will be familiar to players of World of Warcraft, Diablo, DOTA or League of Legends – we’re taking experiences we know players love, and then enhancing them with web3 magic.
Players bring their NFT characters (armed with NFT gear!) into our MMO metaverse, and compete in a range of games – winning prizes, earning upgrades, and having awesome fun.
The alpha product is a PvP battle arena. We’ll then launch PvE / quest modes, clan or scenario-based games, a multi-platform experience and more during 2023. Then we’ll turn our focus to interoperability – something we’re passionately excited about.
We are focused on high-growth gaming markets such as Brazil, India, Turkey and South-East Asia, where we’ve validated product-market fit, and already secured important partnerships.
We’re a team of over 25, including a full in-house game studio. We’re from Meta, Activision, King, Improbable, Uber, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan (and of course, LBS!). Every skill we need to launch and scale the product is in-house, and we’re immensely proud of our team.
We have also been selected from thousands of applicants to join the Amazon/AWS Startup Loft Accelerator, kicking off in March 2023. You’ll see Co-Founder and MBA18 Dan Bronstein representing Meta Lordz on stage at NFT.NYC this April
If you’re interested in the future of the $300bn gaming industry, or sustainable, monetisable use cases for web3 – please do get in touch.
We will shortly open our Seed financing round – please get in touch if this is of interest at
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Gaming / Metaverse / Crypto




Q4 2021



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USD 500k-1m

Designed & built an exceptional alpha product (a PvP battle arena) launching in January

We've forged partnerships with some of the largest gaming communities & blockchains globally

We've forged partnerships with some of the largest gaming communities & blockchains globally

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March, 2023

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Dan Bronstein


Salil Gupta


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