Innobayt is the "home of innovation" where we help discover new ways to unlock your business potential by leveraging the power of our digital transformation and cloud services.

Our core services include Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud adoption, Data & AI and application design & development.

Our Focus Areas:

1. Cloud Consultation: Our expertise across Azure & AWS cloud platforms makes us the right partner to help design & architect your digital solutions built for the future. Our cloud services include architecture design & review, migration, optimization, cloud security, DevOps and more!

2. IoT Solution Architecture & Development: We build top-notch IoT software solutions tailor made for your business needs by connecting hardware devices through custom firmware or software, powered by AI & cloud services to build intelligent solutions.

3. App Design & Development: Innobayt was formed in 2017 with the sole aim of bringing quality software development services to customers around the globe. We have fortunately never had to look back since then. Our team of highly skilled engineers ensure we deliver high quality work to our customers. We strive to raise the bar of our own quality standards from one project to the next.

4. Data & AI Services: Our data & AI services help you to explore the power of data driven decision making by sourcing, cleansing, classifying and analysing data from various sources to unleash exceptional business value helping you drive your business decisions.

5. GIS Application Development: GIS is emerging as a highly intuitive tool that is being used in several industries in various applications today. GIS helps in creating maps that can be used to perform analysis, compare & forecast data, share information etc. and thereby helping to resolve multifaceted complications in several areas around the world.

Company Details


Software Development Services


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Q1 2017



Amount raised

AED $200,000

Last Updated

March, 2023

Founding Team

Shamlia Shukkur

Co-Founder and CTO

Shashank Anil Kumar


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