In 2017, Impactree was started with the aim to “Envision a world where sustainability adds value”.

At Impactree we believe that for any organisation to be sustainable, it should either reduce cost, add revenue or bring new sources of funding. Conventionally, the focus has always been on environment sustainability. However, we believe that tracking social nuances lie at the heart of how organisations operate. Hence, tracking social metrics and impact is key to ensuring sustainability

In 2020, Impactree built its first platform that that helps corporates, not-for profits and social enterprises measure the on-field impact of their social programs. Conventionally impact measurement in the social sector has required consultants going into field and running qualitative studies or requiring organizations invest in expensive standalone MIS platforms. Impactree has changed this by building a easy to use SAAS platform that quantifies Impact based on KPI’s and standard metrics. Impactree works on building easy to use analytics and inferences that can be used by field teams or shopfloor workers to own their data and utilize it to improve decision making. Impactree does this by translating years of sectoral expertise into custom frameworks, KPI’s and question banks deployed through a mobile based questionnaire to collect data directly from beneficiaries.

Impactree is now scaling this solution to the ESG spectrum by combining global frameworks with its custom measurement suite to enable corporates to better measure sustainability across the ESG suite.

Some of Impactree’s biggest successes include using demographic analytics to identify Indic metrics for enterprises, identification of linkages between health and economics in Rural India and enabling organisations in Middle East embrace local workforce integration targets with a positive ROI.

Impactree has been awarded by being one of the 8 start-ups to represent TN at the World Economic Forum in 2022, and has received awards from the President of India and Niti Aayog on our work in sustainable development.

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Social Impact and Sustainability


Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore


Q1 2017




Founder Institute, Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration

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2017 - Company Incorporated

2020 - Launch of Prabhaav - Data analytics for Social Impact

2022 - Impacted 1 Million Plus lives

2022 - Awarded by President of India

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March, 2023

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Vivek Shankaranarayanan

Co-Founder and COO

Rajashri Sai

Founder and CEO

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