Feedr was born in 2016 out of the frustration of not being able to access healthy, delicious food easily every day at the office in London. 

When Lyz Swanton, LBS MBA 2016, met co-founder Riya Grover, they discovered they shared a passion for helping people eat healthily and the belief that technology could help employers play a greater role in employee wellbeing. Feedr is now a full-suite food-benefits software solution, helping companies use food as a wellbeing and engagement tool for employees and turning the traditional ‘food-at-work’ market on its head. With its flagship product, Cloud Canteen, Feedr builds rotating menus from London’s best food vendors for delivery to offices across the city. The click-and-collect solution digitises the physical office canteen, giving people the tools to pre-order and helping offices manage capacity in a post-Covid world. The company was acquired by Compass Group in 2020 and will be expanding throughout the UK and Ireland in 2021.

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Sold for $24m in March 2020


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January, 2022

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Elizabeth Swanton

Co-Founder & COO