d.med works is a unique platform that connects public sector clients with freelance doctors.

We have established long-term partnerships with government agencies, which has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of their needs and requirements. As a result, we are able to not only fulfill specific requests for medical personnel but also offer advisory support and develop customized solutions to address various medical challenges within the context of government.

For the medical professionals in our network, we provide a wide range of opportunities to earn additional income. These opportunities are diverse and offer a chance to take on exciting new challenges. We are committed to ensuring that our doctors have the support they need to succeed, which includes professional training and regular intercollegiate exchange.

At d.med works, we believe that by bringing together public sector clients and skilled freelance doctors, we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both parties. By providing a reliable and efficient way to connect with high-quality medical professionals, we are able to help public sector clients meet their needs while also providing doctors with the chance to take on new and rewarding opportunities.

Company Details


Public Health


Düsseldorf, Germany


Q1 2019



2020 - Sales exceeding one million euro

2021 - More than one thousand doctors on our platform

2022 - Sales exceeding two million Euro

2022 - Launching our new occupational health offering and winning Germany's second largest health insurance company Barmer as a client.

Last Updated

March, 2023

Founding Team

Frederik Sterthoff


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