Human society is crippled by the waste we produce.

We are creating landfills which are the height of 15 storey buildings in cities. These landfills emit methane – a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than CO2 in global warming and Climate change.
India is the biggest waste generator in the world, and 60% of this is biodegradable waste – most of which is burnt, or ends up in the landfill. A small portion of this waste is currently treated by municipalities. However, current methods of bio-waste treatment are either traditional composting – which take too long 3-6 months, or industrial methods like Bio-CNG or Waste to Energy, which are very energy intensive, very capex heavy and fail to have a positive impact on the environment.

With our technology, we process and make this waste disappear within 3 days. This produces zero waste products in the process – fueling a completely circular economy. And there is no external energy usage – we only harness the raw power of nature and evolution.

At BillionCarbon we turn biodegradable waste to value. We are enabling ZERO bio-waste to landfills by building and aggregating decentralised biodegradable waste treatment projects, and unlocking climate finance for these projects via investments and carbon credits.

Our vision over the next 2 years is to create these bio-waste treatment plants as an asset class for green investors, adopting a franchise model thus making it capex light. We are using technology to help scale the waste handling capacity quickly.

With BillionCarbon, we are working with 4.5 billion years of evolution to address the climate crisis.
And moving finance to climate projects making massive emissions reductions.

Our Dream, is to empower 1 Billion tonnes of CO2e mitigation and 100,000 Climate Jobs by 2030.

Join us on this journey of Climate Action!

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